Saturday, October 3, 2009

Some Of my work

Okay so this will be the place where you can keep up with what I am doing and find out what shows I will be at in the future.
This guy here is an original . That means I didnt use any designers pattern to make him. I made him all by myself.
He has alot of little details that make him special. I have hand stitched his facail features and his kitty friend too. He is made from muslin then painted...I gave him some grungy little overalls and a matching hat...also he has boots that lace up and tie...but you cant see in the pic. he is about 25 inches tall and is kinda skinny.
Also in this pic is a little stitchery I made . The pillow is made from a harvest colored wool blanket. Then I stitched a little grinning pumpkin on some tea stained muslin added a jute hanger and Ta dah!!! A unique little cupboard tuck. this is about 7 x 4 not counting the hanger thingy.

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