Saturday, October 3, 2009

Okay I Also make Candles and Tarts for your warmers and oils and potpourris. The scents I have are many.... Usually dealing with food and bakery stuff...Like Pumpkin Crunch cake , Granny's Kitchen , Apple pecan spice, Treats for santa , cinnamon bunz, pilgrims pie , country bumpkin , hillbilly Homebrew aqnd so many more are you hungry yet?

I have Putuka may say what is a putuka pod?? It is a little miature pumpkin looking thing....I give you 2 heaping cups in a bag...they are scented with pumpkin crunch cake oils. What do you do with them? ...You set them in a bowl or around a candle and fill your home with yummy scents. The same with Rose hips....I mix in cinnamon sticks and scent with oils...I also sell the refresher oils to keeps the fragrance strong. They come in a little dropper bottle. It takes 1 of the bottles to make 16 tarts. So you know this oil is strong. You can also make room sprays with the oils...just get a sprayer bottle and fill up with water and add some of this oil (how much and how strong is in your control) and shake and spray...for a fraction of the cost of what these sell for aT stores and craft shows.

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